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     The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) is responsible for publication and maintenance of the DoD FMR. The Regulation consists of 366 chapters. FMR revisions are issued by chapter; however, the chapters are consolidated by subject matter into 19 volume files and a single Regulation file to enhance navigation and research capabilities. This three-tiered access provides the ability to conduct an electronic search across the entire Regulation or the option to limit the search to the subject matter of a single volume or chapter.

     All of the FMR files are presented in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format with bookmarks that begin at the volume level and cascade to the paragraph level within each chapter. The number of volumes/chapters may change based on revisions necessary to incorporate statutory requirements and other authoritative guidance; and ongoing efforts to improve the FMR. Select FMR Help for assistance with file navigation and search capabilities.

     A search function is provided in the left margin of the FMR Home page. Use the “FMR Current” area to search the current chapters; and the “FMR Archive” area to search previous versions of chapters that have been archived. Archived files can also be accessed in the Archives section.

     We value your feedback. Select Contact Us to send an email with your comments and/or questions regarding FMR subject matter or this website.

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