Financial Management

DoD FM Strategy

Department of Defense Financial Management Strategy (FY2022-2026)
Department of Defense Financial Management Strategy (FY2022-2026)

The Department of Defense (DoD) Financial Management (FM) Strategy is the first-of-its-kind, Department-wide strategy to help prioritize the DoD FM community’s efforts throughout FY2022-2026. This guiding document includes cross-Component mission, vision, and goals that aim to energize and transform the way we work.


Deliver world-class, responsive financial management that ensures the Department of Defense remains the premier global military and can accomplish the defense mission in a fiscally responsible manner while inspiring trust with our civilian and military leaders, Congress, and the American taxpayer.


Fiscal readiness accelerates mission readiness. Make every decision at DoD fiscally informed by delivering actionable financial advice that empowers global force decision-making.

Strategic Goals

The five strategic goals that follow represent the highest priorities for the DoDwide FM community over the next five years, focused on driving meaningful outcomes together.

  1. Cultivate a skilled and inspired FM workforce.
  2. Optimize taxpayer dollars for the highest value outcomes.
  3. Increase the integrity of financial results.
  4. Simplify and optimize our end-to-end business environment.
  5. Empower data-driven, fiscally informed decision-making.
Read the full DoD FM Strategy here.