Office of the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (ODCFO)

Transforming DoD's Financial Future  


Our Vision: To transform DoD business operations, enabling production of the best possible financial information, guidance, and leadership—at the best value—for the Warfighter and taxpayer.

Our Mission: The mission of the Office of the Deputy Chief Financial Officer is to ensure DoD leaders have access to high quality and timely information for decision-making through a business framework that simplifies processes, standardizes systems and data, and promotes financial policies and internal controls. This framework supports effective and efficient financial management operations while also fostering a culture that embraces the changes necessary to achieve and sustain unmodified (or clean) audit opinions across the DoD enterprise.

The ODCFO provides guidance to the Fourth Estate, in concert with the Office of the Deputy Chief Management Officer, to enable an audit infrastructure capable of achieving unmodified audit opinions. Our mission execution embraces the DoD core values of leadership, professionalism, and technical knowledge through dedication to duty, integrity, ethics, honor, courage and loyalty.


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What We Do

ADVANA (Open from Google Chrome) (Click Here).
We have positioned Advana as a pivotal asset to enable the OUSD(C)'s "CFO of the Future" vision and support the Office of the Chief Data Officer's (OCDO's) DoD Data Strategy, both aimed at achieving the National Defense Strategy by advancing analytics throughout the DoD.


Accounting & Finance Policy (A&FP) Directorate is responsible for…

  • Developing, publishing, implementing, and interpreting DoD-wide accounting and finance policies
  • Representing the OUSD(C) in interagency forums, audits, and other matters that pertain to financial management policy
  • Developing and issuing the DoD Agency Financial Report (AFR) and other financial information and external financial management reports


Business Integration Office (BIO) Directorate is responsible for…

  • Being the DoD financial management community lead for creating and sustaining modern, effective, and cost conscious financial management processes, data, and systems
  • Leading the development and implementation of DoD’s Financial Management Functional Strategy
  • Providing portfolio management and governance across DoD’s financial management processes, data, and systems


Financial Improvement and Audit Remediation (FIAR) Directorate is responsible for…

  • Helping Components be audit ready, remediate findings, and achieve post-audit sustainment
  • Developing and issuing detailed financial improvement and audit preparation strategy, plan, and guidance
  • Improving the quality of the financial information, with a positive audit opinion as the desired outcome or byproduct



For all DoD users, visit the ODCFO Guidanceweb (CAC Restricted) page for more information. You will need a valid DoD CAC card to access the website.