About OUSD(C)

Functional Statements


The Program/Budget (P/B) organization is responsible for managing the review, formulation, presentation, and execution of the budget for the Department of Defense. In doing so, the PB organization works to achieve the utmost economy and efficiency in the operations of the Department through sound business judgment and effective fiscal planning and control. The PB organization has responsibility to:

  • Oversee the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) process for Department of Defense
  • Manage a comprehensive, efficient budget formulation process that delivers timely and accurate budgets, which reflect the goals of the Administration and the Secretary of Defense
  • Provide analyses, products, and presentations to defend the Defense Department’s budget
  • Support all budget-related activities needed for overseas contingency operations and other emergent operations such as those supporting overseas humanitarian efforts
  • Review and monitor the execution of the Department’s enacted budget
  • Provide sound, accurate, and timely budget analysis and advice to the Department’s senior leadership
  • Develop policy guidance on budgetary matters