About OUSD(C)

Functional Statements

Deputy Chief Financial Officer

The Office of the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (ODCFO) is responsible for creating a financial framework that includes policy, systems, audit, and reporting elements based on government accounting and auditing standards, federal regulations and laws, and best business practices. To do this, the ODCFO performs the following functions:

  • Develops, publishes, implements, and interprets DoD-wide accounting and finance policies; ensures the DoD Financial Management Regulation is relevant and consistent with government accounting and auditing standards, appropriation laws, federal statutes, and regulations issued by the Office of Management and Budget, Treasury, and the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board; and represents the OUSD(C) in interagency forums, audits, and other matters that pertain to accounting and financial management policy;
  • Leads and oversees financial business transformation efforts to achieve an optimal Defense financial management end-to-end operating environment and future state through implementation of key business systems and lean, agile business process improvements that emphasize auditability, interoperability, standardization, simplification, and compliance, all leading to lower costs and a more sustainable long-term financial management environment; and
  • Develops, publishes, and interprets DoD-wide financial management improvements, audit readiness/execution methodologies, and guidance that supports statutory requirements for the Department to audit its full set of financial statements by Fiscal Year 2018; acts as the proponent for the DoD Management Internal Control Program, to include evaluating funds control weaknesses; presents the DoD consolidated financial statements and performance and accountability reports; and interfaces with the Office of Management and Budget and the Department of the Treasury for government-wide financial initiatives.