About OUSD(C)

Functional Statements

Budget and Appropriations Affairs

BAA is responsible for presenting the Defense budget to Congress and the public, monitoring congressional action, and conducting budget liaison with the congressional committees. Responsibilities include the following objectives and tasks:

  • Budget presentation and external liaison: prepare the Secretary of Defense and Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) for budget hearings via Issues Book, prep sessions, and draft testimony, and draft Statements of Administrative Policy (SAP)
  • Budget execution and congressional action tracking: prepare Department-wide bill appeals for congressional action, facilitate approval of congressional reprogramming, track OUSD(C) congressional reporting requirements, and coordinate and consolidate Comptroller position for authorization legislation proposals
  • Congressional liaison activities: monitor and respond to congressional inquiries on DoD budget requests, provide legislative research services for OUSD(C), coordinate transcripts and questions for the record for all appropriations hearings, facilitate House Appropriations Committee surveys and investigations, support OSD witnesses testifying before the appropriations committees and subcommittees, facilitate briefings to committee members and staff on OSD issues, and track legislation through committee mark-ups and floor action.