About OUSD(C)

Functional Statements

Budget and Appropriations Affairs

BAA is the lead interface between the Department of Defense (DoD) and the congressional defense appropriations committees on congressional defense appropriations matters. Responsible for identifying key defense appropriations priorities to support the President’s budget and aligning priorities to congressional processes and timelines to support legislative action. Works across Under Secretariats to identify leadership priorities; leads advocacy of those priority funding and policies before the congressional defense appropriations committees. Responsibilities include the following:

  • Senior DoD leadership congressional engagements: Prepare the Secretary of Defense, Deputy Secretary and Department of Defense (DoD) senior leadership for posture hearings, budget rollout briefings, appropriations and audit related hearings and congressional engagements with key Members and staff.
  • Engagement strategy and action tracking: Develop and execute DoD senior leadership congressional appropriations engagement strategy to garner congressional support for DoD priorities. Draft Statements of Administrative Policy (SAP) for Office of Management and Budget (OMB) review and approval. Oversee Department-wide appropriations appeals process and coordinate and consolidate Comptroller position for authorization legislation proposals.
  • Congressional appropriations liaison/analysis activities: Facilitate DoD senior leadership meetings and briefings to defense appropriations committees’ personal and professional staff; monitor and respond to congressional inquiries on DoD funding and policy matters; analyze and summarize defense appropriations bills/reports; coordinate transcripts and questions for the record for appropriations hearings; and, track legislation through committee mark-ups and floor action.