About OUSD(C)

Functional Statements

Resource Issues

The Director, Resource Issues, (RI) advises and directs the formulation and development of Defense policies with respect to general financial management within the Department of Defense (DoD) related to topics and areas assigned by the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)[USD(C)]. The Director, RI, ensures DoD operations adheres to the utmost economy and efficiency through sound business management and effective fiscal planning and control. The Director, RI:

  • Directs the implementation of improvements in financial management, financial and management analysis, and financial systems development as well as other financial management functions for the DoD
  • Acts on behalf of the Department as a focal point on financial management policies and systems related to the selected topics assigned by the USD(C)
  • Maintains interface and secures cooperation with Government Accountability Office (GAO), the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and the Treasury Department to simplify and improve financial management in the Federal Government and prevent undue administrative burdens upon the Department