About OUSD(C)

Functional Statements

Deputy Comptroller for Enterprise Data and Business Performance

The Office of the Deputy Comptroller for Enterprise Data and Business Performance (EDBP) is responsible for leading and championing the evolution of the DoD’s performance management strategy by collaborating with DoD leaders to use data to evaluate efforts, digital transformation, and improved performance across the Defense Agencies/Field Activities as well as the DoD’s Working Capital Fund. To accomplish this, the Office of the Deputy Comptroller EDBP performs the following functions:

  • Develops and applies data analytical tools (including statistical methods and analysis, and other data transformation efforts) with the goal of improving performance and data management in DoD.
  • Furnishes guidance to the budgetary staff of the military departments on the improvement and application of the analytical tools and methods of presentation in order to assist them in the preparation and evaluation of comprehensive budget estimates..
  • Leads the enterprise financial data analytics shared service environment for USD(C) and provides business insights that will lead to improved business outcomes, mission effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Coordinates with the Chief Data Officer in implementing business standards for a targeted financial/business data environment and supporting data strategies for the implementation of financial enterprise resource planning systems to support best business practices and financial integrity.