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"This year marks a turning point for the Department of Defense (DoD). In January 2015, independent public accounting firms began auditing the Military Departments’ General Fund Schedules of Budgetary Activity (SBAs) for their fiscal year (FY) 2015 appropriations. Although a number of organizations and some of the Department's largest funds have already been sustaining full financial statement audit opinions, moving the Military Departments and many of the components into an annual audit routine represents a major cultural change for the Department.

No one feels the impact of this shift more than the over 53,000 members of the financial management workforce. Our financial management workforce must be prepared to work with auditors and respond to their requests, while also completing extensive and challenging audit readiness work for the remaining statements. Additionally, as we add increased emphasis on the correct financial account treatment of business transactions to our current budgetary focus, the workforces in our business areas will become more involved. Personnel in areas such as acquisition, human resources, logistics, maintenance, and facilities management are being called upon to strengthen their internal controls, processes, and systems while also supporting the warfighter.

Currently, the Department has nearly 90 percent of its General Fund FY 2015 budgetary resources under audit. The remaining budgetary resources are being readied for audit. With the audits of current year appropriations underway, our focus has expanded to include the Working Capital Funds and remaining financial statements. Many financial management issues that cut across the Department remain—future milestones critical to audit readiness will be a challenge for all components to meet. Regardless of these challenges and the amount of audit readiness work to be completed, I remain confident that with sustained emphasis and commitment from DoD leaders, the DoD workforce, and Congress, we will continue making progress toward our goals."

- Michael McCord, Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)/Chief Financial Officer

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